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Japanese Translator Frequently Asked Questions

Quotations and Pricing:


Q: Do you provide certified translations of Koseki Tohon (Japanese Family Registers)?
A: Yes. Koseki Tohon (Japanese Family Registers) are the document we provide certified translations for most often. We've lost count of just how many we've translated since we started in 2016. We haven't had one refused by authorities yet, hence our 100% acceptance guarantee.

Q: Do you charge for quotations?
A: Never. Our quotations are always free.

Q: I'm Japanese and do not speak English very well. May I contact you through 日本語 instead?
A: Yes, absolutely. We at Japanology Kerry Consulting Ltd are native Japanese and English speakers and are happy to communicate with you in whichever language you are more comfortable with.


Q: I see you perform English to Japanese translation. Do you perform Japanese to English translation also?
A: Yes, we are happy to. As native English and Japanese translators, we are happy to translate from Japanese to English for when you need a translation for use in the UK, Ireland, US, Canada etc.

Q: How are your English to Japanese translation services priced?
A: Prices vary depending on the document to be translated. Typically, the translation of a Japanese Family Register costs about £50.00/ €55.00/ ¥6,000. The Japanese translation of an Irish or UK Driving Record may cost more, depending on the amount of personal information contained therein. Although the English or Japanese translation of any document depends on the length, complexity and urgency of the translation required, we have a minimum fee of £25.00/ €30.00/ ¥3,500 on all English to Japanese translation work.

Q: I'd like to import a Japanese car or motorbike to the US, UK, Ireland, can you help?
A: Yes, we can help you bring a Japanese import into the US, UK or Ireland in numerous ways. For example, for a set fee of $55 for US customers, £45.00 for UK customers or €50.00 for Ireland based customers we can provide you with the English certified translation of your Japanese Vehicle Export Certificate / Deregistration Certificate or Genzai Shomei Sho Certificate. Should you wish to have the English translation of Japanese auction sheets, we can perform that translation for you also. Because we are native English and Japanese speakers, we can even make inquiries on your behalf directly with car dealerships and auction houses in Japan.

​Q: How much do you charge for your certified translation services?
A: There is no extra charge to certify your English and Japanese translation before emailing them.

Q: How much do you charge to mail the hard-copy of my certified translation?
A: Ireland Postage: Regular postage costs €6.00, while registered postage with tracking costs €12.00.
    UK Postage: Regular postage costs £6.00, while registered with tracking postage costs £12.00. 
    Worldwide: Regular postage costs £7.00, while registered postage with tracking costs £12.00.

Q: In which countries have your certified translations been accepted?
A: So far, our certified English and Japanese translations have been accepted throughout the UK and Ireland, Europe, Japan, the United States and Canada.

Certified Translations:

Q: I have been told that I will need a “certified” translation. Do you provide certified translations?
A: Yes, we provide certified translations. When a document is being used for immigration, admission to schools, colleges or universities, or for other legal or official purposes, a certified translation is often required. We certify our documents by placing our company stamp on each page of the English or Japanese translation we perform. Our translations are accompanied by a signed and dated Affidavit of Accurate Translation clearly displaying our company seal and number, as is required for certified translations under law by the Statutory Declarations Act, 1938. This ensures that the document translated will be accepted as a valid English or Japanese translation for all legal and official purposes in the UK, Ireland, Japan and worldwide.

Q: I have a document that I translated myself and I would like to pay you to certify it for me. Can you do this?
A: Unfortunately, we cannot. All of our certified translations come with an Affidavit of Accurate Translation, which is a sworn legal document attesting that we performed the translation ourselves. As such, it would be an offence for us to certify your translation.

Your Translators:

Q: I have heard that it’s important to use certified translators. Are your translators certified?
A: Yes. We are a translation company registered in Ireland, Company Registration No. 581127.
We are also members of the Irish Translators and Interpreters Association, Membership No. 1399.

Q: I have heard some translators of Japanese and English use Computer Assisted Translation software to perform translations. Does use native speakers or computer software programs to perform translations?
A: We (Tom and Mitsuko) are native speakers of both the English and Japanese languages. While Computer Assisted Translation software does exist, we do not use it. All of our English and Japanese translations are 100% manual- 100% of the time. We are very proud of it. It is how we guarantee the accuracy of our translations and the reason why our service may be more expensive or slower than other translators. Accurate translation takes time, and we place accuracy before speed.

Q: Why don't you translate any other languages?
A: Unlike other translation providers, we are not a "bit of everything" multi-language factory.
Instead, we specialize in English and Japanese language translation only. This specialization on one set of languages gives us a competitive advantage over our generalist competitors.

Q: Do you ever sub-contract your work to other agencies/ freelancers etc?
A: Never. When we are busy, we will not farm out your translation to amateur freelancers or outside agencies. Instead, we will ask you to wait until we have the time to perform your English or Japanese translation with the attention to detail it deserves.

Giving back- Corporate Social Responsibility:

Q: Does Japanology Kerry Consulting give back to society?
A: Yes. Even though we are a boutique translation company, we believe in giving back to both Western and Japanese society. Tom helps with the integration of refugees and asylum seekers in Ireland by volunteering on the Board of Directors of Tralee International Resource Centre (where he has the role of vice-chairperson). We also offer a 20% discount on all English and Japanese translation services to those individuals and businesses affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011 and Kumamoto Earthquake of 2016.

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