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Koseki Tohon -
Family Register Translation

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At Japanology Translation, we know the importance of getting your translation right the first time, every time. The translation of your Japanese Family Register (Koseki Tohon) should be both accurate and reflect the formatting of your original document. That way, your application will be accepted first time, without the need to explain to an official who cannot reconcile two visually different documents. 

Our Koseki Tohon (Family Register) Translation Process:

Because the same kanji symbols can be interpreted in numerous different ways, when providing us with your Japanese Family Register to translate, we ask that you provide us with the spelling of the names and locations mentioned on your document. In our experience, it's best to have these variables clarified before the translation work begins.

After that, we just ask you to be patient while we take our time to translate your document and format it in the style of the original. When we have completed our translation work, we will send you a draft of the translation for your final approval.

At this point we will wait to hear back from you. Presuming everything meets with your satisfaction we go ahead and certify the document upon receiving your final approval.

If you have chosen to receive an electronic copy only, we will email you a PDF of your certified translation.

If you have chosen to receive a hard-copy, we'll first send you an electronic copy and then post you a hard-copy of your certified Japanese Family Register (koseki tohon) translation through your choice of either standard or registered post with tracking.

The whole process usually takes about two days. 

If you would like to learn more about the Koseki Tohon translation process, we recommend taking a look at our Complete Guide to Koseki Tohon Translation.

Ready to get started? Simply email us or upload your Family Register on this page. We'll get back to you soon after with a no-obligation quotation.


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