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Importing Japanese Cars to Ireland

Updated: Mar 3

Your guide to importing Japanese cars from Japan to Ireland:

After you buy your Japanese car, you will be sent documents, including a Bill of Lading, which will tell you when and where your car will arrive in Ireland. With that information, it's time to choose a Customs Clearance Broker who will organise getting your car physically taken off the ship upon arrival at the port.

There's an amount of paperwork you'll need to product before your car can be taken off the ship. These include:

1- Bill of Lading;

2- Invoice;

3- Export Certificate (Japanese language version);

4- Export Certificate (Certified English translation- we can perform this service for you);

5- Genzai Shomei Sho replacement Export Certificate (if you can't product the original Export Certificate).

Now that your car is off the ship, Customs Officers and Revenue Officials will want to inspect it. They'll each give you a bill to pay, namely Customs Duty and VAT.

"Before you can register your car and get your reg. number, you'll need to do an NCT test. It doesn't matter if your car has just passed the Japanese version of the NCT (known as the Shaken), you'll still need to do an NCT".

Registering your car is also done at the NCT Centre. You'll need to have the following documents with you:

1- Form “NCT Declaration Form for the Registration of a used Vehicle/ Motorcycle”;

2- Form “VRTVPD2” for private vehicles;

3- Certified translation of Export Certificate / De-Registration Certificate;

4- Original Commercial/Purchase Invoice;

5- Original Certificate of Title and Registration;

6- Original vehicle document showing owner's name, car engine & chassis numbers.

7- Proof of PPS number (Social Services card) & name and address (Passport, Utility Bill).

At the NCT Centre you will complete a Declaration for Registration Form (Form VRT 4) and pay the VRT tax. You'll be given a receipt which shows the amount of VRT paid and the registration number assigned to your car. You’ll also be given a Form RF 100 which is needed when applying to pay motor tax. You must first insure the car, and then pay the motor tax on it.

Why not download our free Quick 'n' Easy Guide on how to import a Japanese car to Ireland, or check out our Japanese Car Importing page for more information.

Tom Nelan- B.C.L., B.B.S. (M.K.T.), (New York Qualified Lawyer).

Mitsuko Miyake Nelan- B.A. Japanese Literature: Chofu University, Tokyo.


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