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Japanese Calendar Conversion

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Confused about the Traditional Japanese Calendar?

Use this Date Converter to Translate Japanese to English Dates.

There are 2 different calendars used in Japan. Although the Western (Gregorian) calendar system ( 西暦 seireki) has been widely adopted since it was introduced to Japan in 1873, a separate and distinct calendar system is also in parallel use, one which is based on the reign of Japanese emperors.

The Japanese calendar system works differently to the Western calendar system; as each time a different Emperor takes the throne, the era is given a new name and the counting of years begins again from year one.

Here are useful conversion tables you can translate between the traditional Japanese and Western calendar systems:

Heisei Era Calendar
Heisei Era Calendar
Showa Era Calendar
Showa Era Calendar

Taisho Era Calendar converter
Taisho Era Calendar


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