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Translate Your Name to Japanese

Updated: Mar 15

A Japanese translator might be many things, but rarely a computer programmer. As such, we have good news and bad news for you. The bad news is we are unable to create a software program to instantly translate your name to Japanese.

The good news is there are other people out there who are gifted when it comes to creating software to translate your name to Japanese, and we are happy to share two of the best with you.

The first has been created by Nolan Lawson, a computer programmer living in Seattle. You can find his English to Japanese name converter here:

The second one is on a site created by the Dr. Ben Bullock. This site not only provides you with a converter, it also gives you some background information on naming conventions in Japan. His Japanese name converter can be found by following that link.

While the previous two name converters convert your name from English to Katakana, Ben Bull also provides a resource whereby you can convert your name to Kanji.

As professional translators at Japanology Translation, we salute his technical prowess.

Tom Nelan- B.C.L., B.B.S. (M.K.T.), (New York Qualified Lawyer).

Mitsuko Miyake Nelan- B.A. Japanese Literature: Chofu University, Tokyo.

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Your name in Japanese


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