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Easy Guide to Getting Married to a Japanese Person in the Philippines:

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Whether you are marrying a Japanese woman or marrying a Japanese man in the Philippines, here’s our helpful guide:

How to get a Marriage License to Marry a Japanese Person in the Philippines. We also go into detail on the certified Japanese requirements.

According to Article 21 of the Family Code of the Philippines, before a Japanese person can get married to a Filipino national, the Japanese person must first apply for and receive a document known as a Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage. They can get this Certificate from the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines in Manila or the Consular Offices of Japan located in both Davao and Cebu.

Before your Japanese fiancé can receive the Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage, there are a number or marriage documents that must be presented; the first and most important being a Certified True Copy of their Japanese Family Register also known as a Koseki Tohon. The Certification of the true copy of their Koseki Tohon must have taken place no more than 3 months ago.

Your Japanese fiancé must also present their original (and still valid!) Japanese passport.

At this time, the Filipino national must present a Certified True Copy of their Birth Certificate (with original stamp/seal showing it is a true copy) at the Japanese Embassy/ Consular Office. This can be obtained from Philippine Statistics Authority or a Local Civil Registrar.

Note: If your Japanese fiancé is less that 20 years old, they must also present written consent to marry from either their parents or a legal guardian. (Japanese males under 18 and Japanese females under 16 are not allowed to get married).

Thanks to Japanese efficiency, the Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage will be issued one working day after the date you apply.

"Tip: Be sure to make photocopies of the original Certificate because these photocopies will be required when you report the marriage in Japan".

After receiving the Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage Certificate, both parties must then go to the city hall of the Philippine national’s place of residence and apply for a Marriage License.

After successfully applying for a Marriage License, details about your application will be posted for 10 consecutive days inside the city hall. The Marriage License will be released after this 10-day period of publication. Once issued, the Marriage License is valid in any part of the Philippines for 120 days.

The Marriage Ceremony must be solemnized by a person with proper legal authority to do so. After this ceremony, the presiding official, the husband, wife and their witnesses must sign the Marriage Certificate.

Tip: Remember to get Certified True Copies of the registered Marriage Certificate as these will be needed to report the marriage to Japanese authorities.

Congratulations, you have successfully married a Japanese citizen in the Philippines!

Next, you will want to know how to register your foreign marriage in Japan.

How to Register a Foreign Marriage in Japan:

Japanese nationals are legally obligated to submit a report of marriage to the city hall of their place of residence in Japan, or to the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines (in Manila) or else the Consular Offices of Japan (in Davao or Cebu), within 3 months of marrying their Filipino spouse.

The following documents will be needed when submitting the report of marriage to the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines (Manila) or Consular Offices of Japan in Cebu and Davao:

1. Certified true copy of the Japanese National’s Japanese Family Register (koseki tohon) - two copies.

2. Certified true copy of the Philippine Spouse’s Birth Certificate -two copies.

3. Japanese translation of the Certified true copy of the Philippine Spouse’s Birth Certificate - 2 copies. As a registered translation company, the Japanese translation of your Birth Certificate completed by our Japanese translator is guaranteed to be accepted by officials in Japan.

4. Certified true copy of the Marriage Certificate - 2 copies.

5. Japanese translation of the certified true copy of the Marriage Certificate- 2 copies.

6. Photocopy of the Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage 1 Copy

7. Photocopy of the Marriage License & Marriage License Application Form - 1 copy

8. Passport / Valid ID of person submitting the marriage report - 2 copies.

For the Japanese translations that are needed, 1 original and 1 photocopy may be submitted. It will take approximately two months for the report of marriage to be recorded in the family register.

Very Important: Any child born in the Philippines between a legally married Japanese and Filipino couple will be considered a Philippines national by birth. The child won’t be considered a Japanese national until the parent of the child indicates their intention to have the child claim his/her Japanese nationality. You must do this WITHIN 3 MONTHS of the birth. If not declared within this period, the child will lose their Japanese Nationality.

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Tom Nelan- B.C.L., B.B.S. (M.K.T.), (New York Qualified Lawyer).

Mitsuko Miyake Nelan- B.A. Japanese Literature: Chofu University, Tokyo.

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