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Japanese Numbers translated to English

Updated: Jan 30

Because Japanese numbers can be very difficult to understand when viewed in their kanji format, we have created an easy-to-use table you can use to translate their meaning from Japanese to English.

The table not only shows you the meaning of the kanji, but also the pronunciation of each kanji.

Because we translate both English to Japanese and Japanese to English, we have designed two tables to be useful to both native Japanese and native English speakers. The first table (immediately below) can be used to quickly convert the most frequently encountered round numbers between English and Japanese, while the second table (further down) can be used to convert between numbers encountered less often.

Japanese to English number conversion table
Large Round Numbers Quick Reference Chart

Next, if you are trying to convert a number not listed in the above chart,that number can be converted by reference to the following detailed conversion chart:

If you find this chart useful, you may also like to use our Japanese calendar converter. You can use it to convert Japanese dates from their formal designation (based on the different eras of each Emperor) to the western (Gregorian) calendar system we are all familiar with.

Tom Nelan- B.C.L., B.B.S. (M.K.T.), (New York Qualified Lawyer).

Mitsuko Miyake Nelan- B.A. Japanese Literature: Chofu University, Tokyo.


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